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Recommended Medical Equipments
PM9000A   PM100D   L1200
Recommended Disposable Products
Infusion Sets for Single Use   Gloves   Disposable manual resuscitator
Recommended Operating Room Products
L2000-3E   3008   MD-2
Recommended Medical Suppliers Products
Trolley QL-701   Saving Trolley QL-834   TROLLEY QL-844-3
Recommended Anaesthetic Products
Anaesthetic 7500A   Ventilator 510   Ventilator VM309
Recommended Home Care Products
Anti-decubitus Mattress   Oxygen bag   Family health Cares case
Recommended Mobility Aids Products
Hospital Bed QL-635   Furniture QL-843   Shower Chair
About Us
We can help you meet your challenges, simplify your business and help you focus more on your customers. Depending on our extensive network, we can source all the products upon your requirements.
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